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Toy Man Television Visits the Denver HO Club
Dale Angell, the "Toy Man," recently visited the Denver HO Model RR Club on a Tuesday afternoon when the layout was being run for the public. Here's a link to his video.

Media Students Visit the Denver HO Club
A group of students from the Colorado Media School made numerous visits to the Denver HO Model RR Club in the spring of 2017 and put together this great video as a special project.

Interurban Freights Roll Again
After being out of service for about 10 years, the Club's interurban line once again has freights rolling thanks to the efforts of club member Wally Weart.

Photos by Wally Weart. May 24, 2016.

New South Wall Backdrop
The Denver HO Model Railroad Club was privileged to have noted layout scenery and backdrop artist Rob Spangler from Sycracuse, UT, spend a few days in October 2015 at our Club to paint a new backdrop on the layout room's south wall. His talent is incredible, and the results of his efforts are remarkable. We are honored that he made the personal sacrifice to come here to Golden to "expand" our layout to the plains of eastern Colorado. Thanks, Rob! We really appreciate your effort...and talent!

Club member Randy Lee used a Nikon 990 digital camera on a tripod and two LowelTota 750W
tungsten lights to take these photos. October 28, 2015.

Placer Yard    Placer Yard    Placer Yard



Club member Randy Lee used a Nikon Coolpix S6200 point-and-shoot digital camera and available light to take these photos. October 25, 2015.


The California Zephyr is just one of the trains that is featured on the layout, with motive power provided by the CB&Q, D&RGW and Western Pacific.


Those Colorado skies...
Colorado is known for its crystal clear, azure blue skies, and so with a little magic from Adobe® Photoshop®, most of the photos here have received a digitally enhanced sky. We hope you don't mind the illusion, but after all, isn't model railroading about trying to create the illusion of a real world in miniature?

Above Phantom Canyon w/o sky    Above Phantom Canyon w/sky

So now that you know our little secret, please enjoy your visit to our part of Colorado in miniature...hope you brought some sunscreen!

Amusement Park    Marble Mine    Marble Mountain

Calamity    Wallis County Courthouse    Centennial Park/Calamity

Calamity Station    Placer Union Station

Indigo Turntable    Indigo Turntable & Enginehouse    Aramingo Hides & Glue Works

Loco Leap    Indigo Coal Tower    Indigo Depot    Thoro Bros Petroleum

Klinker Coal Corp.    Progress, Colorado    Phantom Canyon

Club member Randy Lee used a Nikon 990 digital camera on a tripod and two LowelTota 750W
tungsten lights to take these photos. January 2008.

Club member Rex Beistle was inspired to snap these two digital photos through the
glass on the spur of the moment when he saw that Whitwell Junction was being illuminated
by direct sunlight shining in through the basement window. August 2007.

Club member Randy Lee used a Nikon 990 digital camera on a tripod and two LowelTota 750W
tungsten lights to take these three photos. These photos were taken with the windows to
the Club open. October 2007.



These five photos were taken by Lew Allen in September 2006 while he was visiting from Arizona. All show scenes
along the back wall as viewed from the center aisle inside the club. They are arranged as would be seen from left
to right. The first photo shows Fort Arnold in the Cripple Creek area. It is named after the late Carrie Arnold, who
painted the backdrop and contributed greatly to all of the scenic aspects of the club. Next is Klinker Coal Company,
followed by the small mining town of Progress. Finally, we have two mine structures that were build by George Sevier.